Mrs Picasso

Carlijn van Ramshorst Toneelvoorstelling

Mrs. Picasso is a unique solo performance about the struggle between art and love, heard through the stories of two of Pablo Picasso's women. There is Olga Khokhlova, the woman Picasso never divorced, and Françoise Gilot, the only woman who dared to leave him. Both ladies are vividly portrayed by Carlijn van Ramshorst in a captivating performance in which she explores the boundaries between love and art, between madness and sanity and between leaving and staying. The third woman is Carlijn herself, who breaks through the conventions of theater in a gutsy yet playful way.

As author and director Harry Piekema observes: 'Carlijn could have easily been Picasso's muse'.

The idea for this play was born out of the desire to travel the world with just a backpack and being able to perform everywhere. The performance is suitable to be performed on location as well in small scale theatres. 

Time Out Shanghai:

“It isn't difficult for the audience to be captivated from the minute Ramshorst enters the stage and stay engaged with the emotional turmoil of the tale of two women in Picasso's life. Ramshorst's acting truly captures the essence of Khokhlova. It’s intense and heartbreaking, truly enjoyable to watch.”

Mrs. Picasso saw its debut in Shanghai and in September 2016 it was performed at the acclaimed Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Recently it was presented in the prestigious modern art museum 'Beelden aan Zee' in Scheveningen as part of the successful Picasso performance. Picasso's sculptures provided a unique background for this play. It was performed to great acclaim and sold out immediately.

Based on an idea by Carlijn van Ramshorst, she developed the play with Harry Piekema (a well-known Dutch tv and theatre actor), who wrote the script and directed the performance.

Carlijn van Ramshorst is currently back on Dutch soil after performing for 4 years in different English-language theatre plays in Shanghai, like No Exit and Interview. Next to Mrs. Picasso, she can also be seen in the symphonic movie Firebird, which travels the world's biggest orchestra halls. Children will know Carlijn as the host/actress of Huisje Boompje Beestje, broadcasted on Dutch national television (NPO3), which she has loved hosting for 5 years.

For a visual impression: This play is in English.