Surprise Yourself Club Vol. 2

Surprise Yourself Club Vol. 2


Inloop vanaf 19.00 uur.

Surprise Yourself Club is an event for artists who like surprising themselves.

At the beginning of the event players are randomly divided into teams. During the evening the teams play improvisation games and give points to each other. No players will be eliminated throughout the evening so all players can join till the end.

People can join either as a player or as an audience member.
* If you join as an audience member, you come, watch and relax.
* If you join as a player, you get to play with a team.

There is a limited number of players, so if you wish to join get in touch with Cristian and tell him a bit about yourself.

Entry is free for participants/players, audience members pay €6,- and this includes one drink.

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Extra info for the players
* The games are designed to be fun, encourage creativity and improvisation.
* At the end of each round, each team gives points to the other teams.
* Each Team will be seated at a table enjoying the other team’s play.
* Most games are played by one team at the time.
* Each table will have drinks, post-its, markers and props to prepare for the games.
* The team who collects more points wins & gets a present.
* One player will get the "Surprise yourself award" & get a present.
* Each event is facilitated by a host who explains the rules of each game.