SPARK – comedy event

SPARK – comedy event


WHO RUNS THE WORLD? GIRLS! Our March show features the best all-woman improv groups in the Netherlands. ?‍♀️


That Time Of The Month – The Sleepover
That Time of the Month is a close group of non-blood sisters with a tight bond both on and off stage. Their improvised shows stem from our daily life struggles, political views, stupid ideas, sorrows and joys. The group stands out with its high-energy stage presence, with a pinch of wit and a drop of sass. It’s the group of friends you wish to (and can) be part of. “The sleepover”, is a living room-style improvised show where the audience gets an exclusive glimpse behind the close doors of slumber parties. An open-hearted conversation on the central piece, our sofa couch, opens onto into scenes, games or songs.

Met Haar Zonder Hem
Met Haar Zonder Hem (With her/hair without him) is one of the few female improv groups in the Netherlands. They are on a mission to explore femininity both in the stories and characters as in our style of playing as a group. Their performance is often described as an harmonious, symbiotic collaboration. Their scenes are often a game of balance and dis-balance between characters, alternating between uncomfortable emotions and perfect connection between people.

Seven with Wine
Even if their bosses suck, their nipples crack, their girlfriends run off or their coworkers catch them in a pyramid scheme these 4 women will stick by each other through it all.

This show is produced by SPARK. We’re an improv school and community in Rotterdam ?? We run shows, teach classes & spread joy like peanut butter on a broodje ?