Dansworkshop – Marta Wörner | Window of Opportunity

Dansworkshop – Marta Wörner | Window of Opportunity


This workshop is a movement and creation workshop. It is framed as a guided sensorial and physical exploration. The dancemakers Noemi Calzavara and Marta Wörner will offer a practical and alternative perspective to matter that shaped the creative process of their dance piece Strata.

Come to sense, touch, observe and create dance from the materials that shaped the research of this piece:


The workshop is designed as a compendium of accessible guided explorations, games and exercises. It is directed towards teenagers and adults with or without dancing experience.

The workshop will be guided mainly in English.

We kunnen op dit moment alleen toegang verlenen aan bezoekers die de Coronatoegangspas kunnen laten zien. Iedereen welkom, maar wel volgens de regels van de overheid zodat we zo veilig mogelijk met elkaar samen komen!